Rules in SURFING

Surfing is more than just a water sport, it also involves a deep connection with the ocean and a passionate community. To maintain that harmony in the water and enjoy a rewarding experience for all, it’s essential to respect and follow some basic rules of surfing. Here is a compilation of these rules, designed to promote safety, respect, and camaraderie among surfers in the sea.

  • The Golden Rule: Share the Space
    The ocean is a resource shared by all, so it’s fundamental to show courtesy and consideration towards others. Maintain a friendly attitude and avoid aggressive competition for waves. Remember that everyone is there to enjoy surfing.
  • Priority Order: Right of Way
    In places with multiple surfers in the water, the surfer closest to the “break” or where the wave is breaking has the priority. Surfers who are further away must yield and wait their turn.
  • One Person per Wave
    Respect the concept of “one person, one wave”. Once a surfer is on a wave, others should avoid getting in their way. Wait your turn and your own wave to enjoy.
  • Don’t Paddle Over Others
    When paddling towards the breaking zone, avoid passing over other surfers or interfering with their attempts to catch a wave. Paddle around if necessary.
  • Don’t Abandon Your Surfboard Without Reason
    If you fall off your board, try to retrieve it quickly to avoid becoming a danger to other surfers. A loose surfboard can be dangerous in conditiosn with big waves or tricky currents.
  • Respect the Rotation in the Lineup
    If there’s a line of surfers waiting their turn to catch a wave, join the rotation and wait your turn in order. Don’t try to cut the line.
  • Help Other Surfers
    If you see another surfer in trouble or needing help, don’t hesitate to offer your assistance. Solidarity in the water is an essential part of the surfing community.
  • Take Care of the Environment
    Respect and take care of the natural environment around you. Don’t throw trash in the water and avoid harming marine life. Keep beaches and oceans clean for future generations.
  • Be Humble and Grateful
    We are all students of the ocean. Appreciate every opportunity you have to surf and show humility in your achievements.

By following these rules in surfing, you’ll not only be contributing to a positive atmosphere in the water, but also joining a global community of surfers who share a passion for waves and the ocean. Remember, surfing is an enriching experience that’s best enjoyed when shared with respect and kindness.

If you want to learn to surf safely, do not hesitate to join us in Huanchaco, Peru. The Urcia Surf School team awaits you to take you out to sea.

Caballito tour

For thousands of years local fishermen have been using Caballitos de Totora (reed surfboard-like boats) to navigate the ocean and surf the waves. It’s how surfing in Peru started! During our Caballito tour, Santos Urcia – father of Juninho – will show you how a caballito is made and will explain about this tradition that is still very much alive today. Of course you will have plenty of opportunity to try riding one yourself and catch some fish! Afterwards we will have a traditional Peruvian Ceviche lunch where we will prepare the catch of the day together. The tour takes about half a day in total.

Caballito de totora tour by Urcia Surf School in Huanchaco


After some days of intense surfing a massage can pep you up again! Massages last 1 hour and take place at our masseurs. Let your masseur know which muscles you prefer to be treated.


Start or end your day with a relaxing yoga session! The sessions take 1 hour and take place at the beach. Your yoga instructor will adapt the exercises to your level.


Our hearty and healthy surfer breakfast includes coffee or tea, yogurt, cereals, fresh fruits, bread, cheese, ham and eggs. 

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and or alergies. Please indicate this in the comment area.

Breakfast at Urcia Surf House

Spanish Lessons

Combining surfing with learning Spanish
If besides surfing you are up for another challenge, we also offer Spanish lessons as an option for all our surf camp packages. It’s not uncommon for the friendly locals of Huanchaco to start a conversation or give you surf tips while waiting for the next set of waves. Thus you can directly put your new Spanish skills to practice. What better and more relaxed way of learning Spanish than doing so while surfing?

Spanish Lessons
For the Spanish lessons we work together with Manuel, a local spanish teacher with a lot of experience. In 1-hour lessons in small groups he will help build your confidence speaking and understanding Spanish, so that in no-time you will be able to chat with the locals, be it in the line-up or at the bar. The first Spanish lesson your current level will be assessed and based on that the focus for the rest of the course will be determined. At the end of every class you will receive some homework to continue learning in between classes at your own pace.